bKash Pay Bill

bKash Pay Bill

INNOVATION NAME: bKash Pay Bill Experience

TYPE OF INNOVATION: Product Development

DURATION: February – July 2020



Imagine leaving your house 2 hours early to pay the utility bill only to be greeted by a queue that would make all red traffic signals jealous. 45 minutes later, not only are your knees starting to ache, but the anxiety steadily grows as you realize that you will be late for your next task as well.

Just the thought of having to go through this long process every single month makes every one of us stressed. bKash has ensured this doesn’t have to be a bKash user’s life by presenting a 360-degree and rewarding experience to pay bills.



The objective was to build a seamless bill payment experience, which would go beyond mere customer satisfaction to make every bill payment experience on bKash app a delightful and unforgettable one for our customers.

We collaborated to ensure that bKash is widely accepted as a bill payment option across all of Bangladesh. The product goal was not only to help users make payments easily, but also to hand-hold them through their journey towards becoming digitally savvy.


Build a simple and intuitive product journey, keeping superior customer experience as the foundation of the product. Simultaneously, add interactive, and much-needed features to cater to heterogeneous user segments of millions with a homogeneous user experience.



bKash heavily invested in achieving a deeper understanding of customer behavior patterns across user segments, locations, devices, and payment categories. Through these efforts, bKash identified customer pain-points and value addition areas. bKash then took a data-first approach to design, develop and launch the below-mentioned features:

Tutorial Videos: Paying bills can be tricky sometimes, right? With the help of tutorials, even the most non-tech savvy user will learn how to pay bills in bKash app.

Sample Bill Images: User can follow relevant bill images to know which information to enter in the app.

Digital Receipts: Receipts are available to the users with just one tap. User can download and print receipts anytime!

Saved Bill Accounts: No need to enter bill information for the second time. User can save bill accounts for regular payments.



The innovative product development journey of bKash Pay Bill has offered users a simplified experience, with more than 150 bill organizations in the list.

Previously, many users hesitated to use digital bill payments simply due to the lack of awareness about the various aspects of how online bill payments work. bKash has created easy-to-understand tutorial videos that have significantly increased the customer engagement in the pay bill platform.

bKash has enabled millions of users to embrace digital bill payments as the new normal during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Around 50 million safe bill payment experiences have been facilitated via bKash in 2020 alone.

The response to the product development efforts has been overwhelming, with more and more customers opting to use the pay bill experience in a way they are comfortable with. User’s participation and feedback have helped bKash deliver the best bill payment experience in Bangladesh. bKash will keep striving to make it even better in the coming days.