Digital Haat

Category : Public Service Innovation (Best Covid-19 Response)


Innovation Title : Digital Haat

Organization : Aspire to Innovate (a2i) Programme, ICT Division


Due to the surge in coronavirus cases, the 500 billion Qurbanimarket was uncertain. The lockdown and health guidelinesmade it nearly impossible for the livestock sellers to sell theiranimals. Many farmers and small and large farms keep cowsand goats throughout the year to meet the demand forsacrificial animals in the country for this occasion. Keeping inview the health safety of all these farms and buyers, the ICTDivision has set up a digital market to purchase and sellsacrificial animals. On the other hand, most people were alsostruggling to buy their sacrificial animals during Eid-ul-Adha.Many were struggling because of unsold livestock, high costsof cattle feed, and bank loan repayments. To address theissue, the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Information andCommunication Technology (ICT) Division, and e-CommerceAssociation of Bangladesh (e-CAB), ekShop- A2i cametogether to solve the problem jointly. Jointly they launched adigital platform that allows customers and sellers to buy andsell their Qurbani cattle online by visiting the online
The objective is to allow customers and sellers from across the country to purchase and sell sacrificial animals to maintain public health guidelines on Eid-ul-Azha amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. An ESCROW payment system was introduced so that the customers’ money will be sent to the buyer’s account only after meeting all the conditions. Slaughtering services were also available on the platform so that customers could get their sacrificial animals at their doorsteps.
The Idea
For the first time in Bangladesh, the customers and sellers cannow buy and sell Qurbani cattle online by visiting the onlineportal: The platform features all theonline cattle selling venues from all-district and Upazila levelsacross the country, and a buyer can see the cattle beforepurchasing from any part of the country. It has seen a recordsale in 2022 worth 2,424 crores, 9 lac 36 thousand and 254takas. According to the sales report, a total of 3,49,428animals have been sold through the online platform acrossthe country ahead of last year’s Eid-ul-Azha.
It was jointly initiated by featuring the Ministry of Fisheries andLivestock, Information and Communication Technology (ICT)Division, and the e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh(e-CAB), launched with the technical assistance of the A2I. TheMinistry of Fisheries and Livestock communicated with theoffline hat owner to convert it into a digital haat. Theysupported the sellers to upload their animals on the platform.DNCC was also part of it to provide the slaughtering space.eCab was in charge of coordinating with all the stakeholders.ekShop-a2i offered technical support to the platform and theESCROW payment service for the customer to ensure thetrust factor of the customers. ekShop leverages its partnershipwith the private and public sectors to connect with the sellersand support the sellers struggling to use the platform.Training, video tutorial, and call centre support were providedfor the sellers and customers since many sellers were notusing digital platforms.
Value Addition
■ Increase digital adaptation among the Sellers and Buyers.

■ Help to control the spread of the Covid-19.

■ Help the sellers to recover their losses due to the pandemic.
Result and Impact
■ Pioneer for digital adaptation of farming/agriculture campaigns.

■ Improved opportunities for farmers and agro-businessmen to market their products without middlemen.

■ 3,86,569 animals were sold across the country.

■ 2000+ farmers were present.