Smart Box

Category : Best Innovation in Education (3rd Party Education)


Innovation Title : Smart Box

Organization : Bondstein Technologies Ltd.


A typical Bangladeshi student waits up to grade 12 of his lifeand finally gets the result of his hard work, which is the univer-sity entrance exam. But a massive drawback came up in thestudent’s life when the exam papers started to get leakedright before the decision making process. This issue situatedpeople in a questionable state for their future as the nextgeneration was in charge of being the stakeholders of thenation. But no solutions were discovered till then as the prob-lem itself was really unique.
Bangladesh, a country where about one third of the total population is youth. There are more than 32 million youngsters in Bangladesh and the government’s expenditure on their education is total (% of government expenditure) 14.65 as of 2018. The future of the country and its development highly depend on these youth. Thus, their education process holds a huge impact and sentiment in people’s lives. Through this project of Bondstein, the threat that came into the student’s life has vanished.
The Idea
Bondstein Technologies, a local IoT-based company, has done this impossible task of solving this 7 year long problem in just 7 days. Bondstein’s main goal is to set an example in improving the quality of life of people at all levels through the proper use of technology. With this goal in mind, they invented the concept of Smart Box to free the nation from this epidemic of questioning, the immense potential of which immediately drives the authorities towards this technology based solution.
Bondstein first came up with the idea of Smart Box for theMedical admission test. They brought it under a trackingsystem which gave real time notification about the boxes. Allthe question papers were kept in the smart box when it camefrom the press and handed it out directly to the exam venues.There was a dedicated group for examining all the procedurestill it reached the exam centers. No third party involvementwas measured while spreading out the smart boxes because,whenever the boxes were opened or closed, an automatednotification would pop up on the authority’s mobile phone.The question papers were stored in the box from Dhaka till itreached all the exam centers throughout the country and tillit got back to Dhaka again.
Value Addition
■ Establishing a secure admission exam process.

■ Ensuring 0% leakages for 1000000+ students examinations.

■ Conducting 27 national exam with 0% error.

■ 100+ government educational institutes getting this service every year.

■ With the help of government we have successfully brought transparency in admission exam process.
Result and Impact
Admission test process became more fair and transparent.More than one million students have been saved from thedreaded threat of interrogation. A total of 63 medicalcolleges, University of Dhaka and 26 other universities are nolonger in question. However, the challenge remains to get ridof the stigma of questioning not only the admission test, butall the exams at all levels of the country. To achieve this goal,some of Bondstein’s talented people are constantly working tobuild a digital platform.