Metlife 360health

Metlife 360health

Innovation Name: MetLife 360health

Category: Best Innovation- Finance (Innovation in Insurance)

Company: MetLife Bangladesh

The content of this case study was written by the representatives of MetLife Bangladesh

Throughout their life, people face different challenging questions about their health and the health of theirs loved ones. And when they do, particularly when it comes to serious illnesses, they need someone to turn to. Someone who can help them understand the small steps they can take to reduce their risks of a serious disease, someone who can help them navigate to the right solutions and treatment based on their needs. A recent MetLife study also found that affordability of healthcare; access to quality healthcare professionals; and quality of the hospitals are major concerns for Bangladeshis seeking to manage their health. This is where MetLife 360Health comes in to make a difference. With 360Health, MetLife gets to help their members in every phase of their Health care journey.

MetLife with their 360-health solution wants to help people live a healthy and proactive life today and tomorrow. 360Health embodies MetLife’s commitment to helping people in Bangladesh build a more confident future by increasing their health span, not just their lifespan. The objective here is to provide the most relevant knowledge, support and services based on their needs at the palm of their hands. 360Health, a first-of-its-kind healthcare mobile app aims at helping people in Bangladesh prevent and manage serious illness.

The Idea
Now more than ever Bangladeshis are prioritizing their health and financial wellbeing, and they are looking for a trusted partner to help them do this with solutions that go beyond traditional insurance products to address their needs holistically. MetLife 360Health is the only solution in the market to combine financial protection with health services to help people comprehensively manage serious illness and protect their health and financial wellbeing. 360Health is an App based Digital solution that comprehensively focuses on five key aspects of managing critical illnesses: prevention of diseases; early diagnosis; access to treatment; ongoing care; and financial protection with insurance, to help users manage serious illnesses through a simple and engaging experience.

MetLife Launched 360Health for both its Policyholders and non-policy holders. There are 3 plans available currently; Premium, Standard and Basic. In this way everyone can get benefits from the App as per their needs. So, after the official launch, we have communicated the features of the App and its key benefits to both the customers and prospects, with elements like Static Contents, Audio Visual, website etc. With an aim to raise awareness about a healthy lifestyle and the tools available to prevent serious illnesses, MetLife Bangladesh has announced a strategic partnership with the former captain of the Bangladesh national cricket team Mushfiqur Rahim.

Value Addition
Through 360Health Solution, MetLife gets the chance to make the Healthcare journey of it’s members a lot more easier. 360Health App brings all necessary Health care elements in one single place, which makes it convenient to use. Based on specific insurance product subscriptions, MetLife customers can unlock exclusive features like free virtual doctor consultations, special discounts on diagnostic tests through digital their life card, and preferential access to specialists like Cardiologists, Psychologists, Nutritionists, Gynecologists, Gastrologists and General Surgeons. Customers will also be able to use the app to order medicines and other important health management devices online. It also offers a range of unique features including a BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator, Covid-19 symptom checker, individual health risk assessment etc. In addition, customers will be able to get their policy-related information including policy status, policy maturity date and premium due date right from the app.

Result and Impact
After the Launch MetLife 360Health App has received huge positive feedback from customers, members, prospects and field Force. Everyone highly appreciated the user journey and the personalized user interface. Many people availed different features of the App and the outcome was satisfactory to many. Within just one month of the launch, the app has completed 20k+ registration, and the number is growing every single day.