Sylhet Innovation Center

About Us

As a nation, it is imperative that innovation is center of our thinking and approach everything that we do. Designed to help shape Bangladesh’s Innovation Ecosystem and Making Innovation core of the nation. Creating a core Innovation Ecosystem which is designed for people of Bangladesh. Share local and global best practices & approach to innovation. Key focus is Driving Innovation within different sectors & harnessing the skillset to drive innovation – which will add value to the lives of people and helps pursue inclusive growth.

Our Mission

Initiate the Definition of Necessary Innovations for Sylhet. Discuss Why Innovation is Important in Dhaka Prospective. Present How the Technology/Digital are Disrupting and Will Disrupt More. Identify What Major Transformation is Needed.

Our Vision

Shaping the Future of Sylhet - Prosperous | Equitable | Sustainable

Our Services

Management training

Advisory services

Access to capital sources (Loans, Grants, Network of Potential Investors)

Assistance with core business operations (Accounting, Market Research, Marketing, Legal Compliance)

Access to office space and other operating resources (Necessary Software & Hardware)

Shariful Islam

Founder, Bangladesh Innovation Conclave

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