Jute Blazer

Category : Best Innovation in Fashion & Apparel


Innovation Title : Jute Blazer
Organization : Mayfair Stylewear


Jute industry has always been a major export earning source for Bangladesh right after independence. However, after the 90s, the jute sector has gone into the back seat due to various reasons. Out of this diversification, jute entrepreneurs have focused in the following sectors:
Out of above categories, Mayfair Stylewear has focused on Jute Garments. The fabric was produced by one of the leading traditional jute goods producers in Bangladesh during the end of 90s. Later, this fabric is being produced by a very few producers which is a good news for the industry. Mayfair introduced the jute blazer to its product line.

■ To focus on Sustainable production process that will contribute to the positivity in climate change action throughout the fashion industry.
■ To rally leadership and support from businesses, cities, regions, investors for a healthy, resilient, zero carbon recovery preventing future threats, and unlocking inclusive, sustainable growth.
■ To create sustainability and different dimensions in the fashion industry.

The Big Idea
Mayfair Stylewear has commercially launched a Jute Blazer as a Jute Diversified Product. This innovative product has been selected by JDPC and Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) for display in the Bangladesh Pavilion at the World Expo2020 Dubai which was being held in the United Arab Emirates from 1 October 2021 and continued until 31 March 2022.

Mayfair Stylewear has done organic posts through Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, E-mail communication. No paid campaign has been executed so far. Mayfair Stylewear launched its Jute Blazer as Jute Diversified Products (JDP) by following `industry trends and expert opinions from the fashion industry. Mayfair Stylewear till date has
marketed the product heavily to every office be it government or corporate or private by meeting 1-2-1. The company also promoted the product by participating in the National Jute Fair.

Value Addition
One fundamental definition of Jute Diversified Products in accordance with the definition of JDP stipulated in the Jute
Act, 2017, any product diversified with jute goods, there has to be a ratio of at least 50% Jute Yarn and 50% Cotton Yarn. It’s a great value addition done by Jute Diversified Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. Currently, Mayfair Stylewear has produced 282 types of jute diversified goods in the BACKGROUND (Sl. # 2) mentioned categories. After the first commercial production and innovation of Jute Blazer, Mayfair Stylewear has produced Bermuda Short for exploring the export market which has been pitched to one of the local traditional jute millers. Then again, they shared proactively for producing an overcoat sample for North American buyers to the same miller and H&M.

Result and Impact
■ 100+ people have visited DUBAI EXPO2020 Bangladesh Pavilion daily.
■ 20,000+ people expected to visit Bangladesh Pavilion in 6 months.
■ Local selling of Jute Blazer and Jute Fabric has been going on.
■ Export exploration with H&M Liaison Office in Bangladesh has been going on.
■ Jute Fabric Swatch has been couriered to one of the biggest German based Jute Trading Houses for exploring sporty
functional wear.
■ Shippers’ Council of Bangladesh published an article called “3rd Generation Jute Business”.