digiGO HR Software by sBusiness

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Innovation Title : digiGO HR Software by sBusiness

Organization : sBusiness | Sheba Platform Limited


Hiring highly experienced HR resources or purchasing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions to manage employees with loads of money is not worth a shot for startups and mid-size businesses, at least not in Covid-19 days. Understanding the pain of handling core HR activities like attendance & leave management, TA/DA, payroll & tax calculation, employee tracking, notice, employee database maintenance, and others were key drivers that directed Sheba Platform to replace the mundane process of managing employees. This experience led the platform to build an automated HR platform with a smart mobile app for employees and a web version for HR & management. After testing for 6 months in their company they realized digiGO saves around 16 business hours in a month & it can be useful for other startups & mid-sized companies who want to grow faster by automating mundane tasks. They showed it to 10 businesses and they went for trial. Next 6 months they shared product feedback and Sheba continued improving. When they reached the minimum viable product stage, they launched it commercially with a little amount of charge on a monthly or annually basis. In FY 20-21, sBusiness acquired 119 businesses that paid to use this platform.

The objective of digiGO is to fuel growth-focused startups and mid-sized companies through improved process automation with a pocket-friendly HR SaaS that solves operational hassles, time, and creates a positive impact on the bottom line.

The Idea
sBusiness observed that startup founders & mid-size company HR professionals spend on an average 4 to 6 working days in a month on employee management tasks which can be reduced to 1 single day through automation. The idea is to save critical man-hours for these growth focused companies via simple implementation of technology.

As a mid-size company HR was a big problem for Sheba Platform. Being a tech company, they developed a solution for this problem.

■ Initially, extended this tool to their 10 most active clients to get valuable feedback.

■ Based on the feedback & research (200 HR professionals) they could pinpoint where to work on.

■ Initially, in 2021, they gave their users a minimum viable product.

■ A dedicated key account manager meets at least once a month with customers to understand their needs & feedback.

■ sBusiness provides a minimum 1 feature update every month & a completely new feature every quarter based on customer feedback and demand.

Value Addition
HR software “digiGO” assisted HR professionals & also helped them to see the bigger picture. People now can focus more on actual business numbers that drive growth rather than managing people on paper or excel sheets. sBusiness made core HR functions almost paperless. One-click dynamic report generation is helping decision-makers to better equip themselves. Human errors are almost at zero for payroll & tax calculation.

Result and Impact
■ 119 paid businesses in a year is a testament validating the need for a product like this.

■ On average 2000 employees use this platform regularly.

■ The total number of digiGO users is 181 businesses including freemium & trial.

■ Saving 4 hours per week or 16 hours per month.

■ Saved around 192 man-hours or 24 working days in a year per company.

■ Saved 34,752 man-hours per month or 4344 working days or almost 12 years for 181 companies.

■ Among 119 paid users, 83 are power users who use more than 70% features of digiGO regularly.

■ The churn rate Month on Month is less than 2 percent.

■ Per day per employee the cost for this solution is less than a cup of tea.