Bond PI (SBC)

Category : Best Innovation in Product Development


Innovation Title : Bond PI (SBC)

Organization : Unicorns Codes Ltd.


Desktop and even laptop personal computers (PCs) generally have separate components connected to a central circuit board through cables or buses. A single board computer packs all of its necessary components, including the microprocessor, memory, and storage, onto a single circuit board. Many SBCs are built to be PC-compatible and use the same processors, memory, and graphics chips as standard PCs. Other units include different types of hardware and some feature a microcontroller, a specialized processor with built-in input/output functions.

The main concept of SBC is energy-saving, low cost and highly productive, but here Unicorns Codes Ltd wants to introduce a new SBC ‘Bond PI’. Before all SBC launched in CLI (Command-line Interface) but Unicorns Codes Ltd designed it in GUI(Graphical User Interface) with friendly uses with many other facilities.

Unicorns Codes Ltd wants to make a plan our ‘Bond PI’ which is user friendly, cost efficient, easy to use(etu) and finally all under the budget. It can be employed in school’s labs, corporate offices, govt. short-term & long-term projects, freelancers and many more.

The Idea
The earliest such devices, introduced in the late 1970s and early 1980s, were usually found in educational or development computers, and were quite large. Since then, the trend has been towards smaller SBCs. Single board computers are commonly housed inside a larger device or product, thereby providing additional intelligence or controlling the functions of machinery or equipment. Automatic teller machines, cash registers, touch screen kiosks, and many other machines and devices often house an embedded single board computer. They are also used in industrial computers and automation equipment, robotics, medical devices, and many other fields. Due to the number of possible uses, SBCs come in a variety of configurations, and many manufacturers build machines tailored to a specific need or industry application.

By the mid 2000s, the cost of computer components had dropped enough to bring the single board computer within the reach of the hobbyist community. Several companies now specialize in low-cost yet versatile SBCs for use in amateur electronics and computing projects. These devices may be used on their own to introduce students to computer programming or as part of a larger platform like a robot or interactive art display.


Market Potential: Being a developing country in the world economy, our GDP is 7 + now. But a large number of people are still below the stander line of basic salary, and not satisfied with their jobs and salaries. With all of these concepts, Unicorns Codes Ltd wants to make a plan our bond pi which is user friendly, cost-efficient, easy to use and finally it all under the budget.

Process: The process involved in this industry depends upon the type and nature of services needed. First, it wants to assemble line production of the main SBC board, and the operating system is under development in Khulna office.

Value Addition
■ Low Costing

■ Energy Saving

■ Friendly Usage

■ Flexibility

■ GUI Interface

■ Virus & Malware Protection

■ Portability

■ Solution of Information Barrier

■ Demand Creation in Market

■ Digitization Solution

■ Internet of Things (IoT)

Result and Impact
■ Lower level and lower-middle-class people can easily afford this Computer.

■ Easy install system that enebles any Kind of person to use it at any situation and its extra facility is battery backup.

■ NGO, Institutions & offices can use it easily.

■ Digitalization in Low Costing.

■ Education System.