bKash Map

Category : Best Innovation in Product Development


Innovation Title : bKash Map

Organization : bKash Limited


As a category, MFS has really taken off in Bangladesh in the last few years, with bKash in particular, which is used as a verb, in households across the nation. The bKash universe also kept growing along with the user base. More merchants started accepting bKash payment and started giving out different types of offers. More agent shops and ATM booths with Cash Out facility and customer care centers sprang up throughout the country. At that specific point of time, it became important to make all these information accessible to bKash customers in an organized, recognizable and useful way. To ensure this, a map with latitude and longitude data of all bKash physical touchpoints was integrated into the bKash App 2.0. Now, customers could view all the location-based offers, merchant points, agent points, ATM cash out points and customer care points around them based on their geo-location. Wherever a bKash customer goes inside the country, he/she could get access to all these information from the App with only a few taps.

The objective of the map was to eliminate customer hassle by making all the information of bKash physical touchpoints available in one place- bKash App. Customers didn’t need to check multiple websites or apps to find out this information in times of need. This feature will ultimately add customer experience in bKash App. Another critical factor is that this map is continuously being updated with real time information. New payment places, agent points, ATM Cash out points and bKash customer care locations are being updated on a regular basis.

The Idea

The idea was to create a solution that would make the customers’ lives easier by providing all relevant information about bKash universe with a few taps. The ultimate result was a digital map with bKash agents, merchants, and service centers’ locations with real-time campaign/offer information and route planning for easy navigation. To further increase customer convenience, customers can also view real life images of merchant and agent points. Perhaps the most important feature is the function of viewing all nearby offers.

■ The map has been designed based on the real time geo-location developed by the internal Geo-team of bKash.

■ Any bKash customer residing even in the remotest corner such as Union and Upazila level can view necessary information about bKash physical touchpoints.

■ To communicate these exciting features all bKash customers were made aware using in app communication channels. Along with it, all users were communicated about these features from our social media handles.

Value Addition
A Fintech company keeps on adding value by minimizing hassle, decreasing unwanted process and most importantly making life easier. bKash map lets people explore and discover bKash physical touchpoints and make their financial transactions happen by connecting people with places.

Result and Impact
(5-10) % of monthly app active users visit bKash Map to get