Event Date

19th February, 2021

Last Date of Submission

4th February, 2021


Event will be organized virtually

Category Definition

Bangladesh Innovation Award is designed to recognize the vibrant community of innovators – from start-ups to established companies – and its breakthrough creations and ideas. The award program aims to build Bangladesh’s economy by acknowledging and rewarding the creative mind fuelling innovation within it.

Best Innovation – Finance

Financial innovation is the overall progress in creating and popularizing new & unique financial instruments, technologies, FinTech solutions which are used in product and process innovation at institutional/market levels.

– Innovation in Banks
Innovation in response to consumer expectations and faster, secure transactions are markers of innovation in banks.

– Innovation in NBFIs
This category showcases digital solutions with an effective impact on product and service dimensions of Non-Bank Financial institutions.

– Innovation in Other Financial Institutions
This category recognizes new, disruptive solutions used and popularized in improving service and product innovation in service quality.

– Innovation in Insurance
Innovation in the Insurance sector is progressive plans and product/process solutions for providing better access to service to the population and improving risk management practices in a way to promote resilience and sustainable living.

Best Innovation – Apparel Sector

The study is based on applied research, regarding innovation in the apparel industry. This refers to internal aspects of the enterprise and has the sole purpose of improving the internal performances of the company. The category also emphasizes on sustainable design theories and techniques in order to drive growth towards a circular fashion system.

Best Innovation – Healthcare

Healthcare innovation is aimed to improve the domain of health care availability/ quality/safety - through implementation of new policies, innovative solutions to crisis or development of new diagnostic procedures/therapies/drugs/medical devices or improvements in management/operational/organizational structures. They can also be uniquely positioned to improve the quality and delivery of healthcare through evidence‐based medical innovations, sound life science research, and smart technology solutions.

Best Innovation – Retail

Retail innovation encompasses evolving practices in front-end/back-end of retail operations to increase productivity, efficiency, sustained customer preferences and introducing innovative technology to improve customer experience in retail shopping/ customer engagements. They should also have successfully re-engineered and re-energized their business to be fit-for-purpose in this new digital, High Velocity Retail age and who look set to deliver sustainable growth. Through a focused strategy that is seeing a reorganization of the business.

Best Innovation - Community Engagement

Innovation in Community Engagement is actionable change applied to improve the lives of communities and individuals under duress, struggle or social distancing to counter impacts of social/cultural/economic crisis on human lives through connecting and collaborating with communities and enhancing the public perception.

Best Innovation – SDG Inclusion

Investment in infrastructure and innovation are crucial drivers of economic growth and development. Technological progress is also key to finding lasting solutions to both economic and environmental challenges, such as providing new jobs and promoting energy efficiency.

Best Innovation – Agriculture Sector

This category encompasses developments in agriculture through the use of innovation. The underlying theme of these innovations would be to assist farmers to optimize use of farm inputs and improve yields. Develop the agricultural ecosystem, knowledge, Culture & Agricultural Technology.

Best Process Innovation

Process innovation means the implementation of a new or significantly improved production or delivery method (including significant changes in techniques, equipment and/ or software). Additionally, process innovation can generate significant gains in product quality and service levels.

Best Innovation – Product Development

Product Development innovation is the creation and subsequent introduction of a good or service that is either new or an improved version of previous goods or services by transforming innovative ideas into reality. It entails all activities involved in turning a concept for new and better user experiences into real-world products.

Best Start-Up Innovation

This category may define a group of entrepreneurial talent in creating modern developments, in the identifiable and investable frame, in progress to validate and capture the value of the made development – with the desire to develop a fast and adaptable business model for maximum impact. Which may lead to the creation of new products and services that deliver value to customers, in a manner that is supported by a sustainable and profitable business model.

Best Social Innovation

Social innovations are new strategies, concepts, ideas and organizations that meet the social needs of different elements which can be from working conditions and education to community development and health — they extend and strengthen civil society.

Best Innovation – Education Sector

Innovation in Education sector is the introduction and implementation of modern technology/instruments/mediums to better deliver education across different demographics with an objective to increase access to better education for all.

– University Learning Delivery During COVID-19
Introducing innovative platforms/tools/practices to ensure delivery and access to lectures and classes at University level digitally to ensure continued learning is the criteria for this category

– School Learning Delivery During COVID-19
This category considers ensuring wider access and syllabus innovation introduced at school levels to deliver tests, exams, lessons and accessible support for students, or ensuring access to study materials and lectures through innovative technology and processes for every student.

– 3rd Party Education Innovation
Innovation by 3rd Party education promoters in delivery, access, distribution and overall facilitation of education through digital/physical mediums, or creation of new platforms to improve/facilitate effective pedagogy, training, upskilling initiatives for the population.

Best Innovation – Frontier Technology

Efforts to generate or provide ground-breaking solutions that may be implemented later on a large scale and achieve worldwide mainstream adoption are crucial to achieve sustainable development. This category recognizes organizations that have made considerable progress in accelerating and improving public access to benefits of frontier technology.

Public Service Innovation

Citizen Centred Innovation: This category showcases solutions that address root causes or emerging societal demands for the delivery of the services to citizens and other external partners.

– Innovation in Service Delivery
Innovation in process, products, policies, investing and applying new tools and strategies to consistently deliver on client service innovation through resourcing and partnering, packaging, and generating value with customers.

– Innovation in Integration
Efforts to create and introduce academic and practical elements to develop policy-level strategies that have improved service delivery and value creation for the public at extended levels of society, allowing deep integration and dissemination of resources.

– Best COVID-19 Response
This category recognizes innovative localized strategies and efforts intended to tackle COVID-19 impacts on business and human lives, that have resulted in phenomenal effect on public health and safety

– Citizen Co-Creation
This category recognizes development of new public services and values by citizens in partnership with governments and other bodies to effectively impact human lives by improving access to governance & public services.

– Innovation Created from Ground Up
Fresh, new innovations that have introduced new services, products, policies and strategies that were built from scratch, applied at grassroot levels to test effectiveness and recognized at different levels as a ground-breaking opportunity to impact public service dimensions – are considered in this category.

Nomination Rules & Submission Guidelines

1. Each participating organization can nominate as many entries in as many categories as they would like.
2. Each entry can be nominated in more than one category.
3. All entries for Bangladesh Innovation Award 2021 must be submitted complete, updated and true information.
4. Each entry must be submitted in the following manner (as applicable):
– No need to share any separate hard-copy of nomination form as document unless required or asked for.
– Each entry must be submitted using google drive. Please note that, all nominations and supporting documents should be available in the shared drive link for at least 30 days from the day of submission.
– Supporting print image in png, or jpeg format with a maximum size of 15 MB.
– High resolution audio-visual and digital content in mp4
– All the entries submitted are considered to comply with legal authorization (NOC) from all the related sources (client etc.).
– Each entry must be accompanied by the given power-point presentation of the campaign. Word limits will be strictly followed. Download PPT & NOC
– An audio-visual (Case AV) on the Innovation should be shared along with the required materials. A case AV helps the jury understand and evaluate the Innovation better. Case Explanatory Presentation Audio-visual will be Accepted.
– The case AV should not be more than 3 minutes in duration.
– The participating organization can submit supporting material(s) based on necessity of their submission.
5. Once submitted, an entry cannot be withdrawn.
6. Please submit your entries by no later than January 31, 2021 (Sunday).
7. Each entry will be evaluated by the judges.
8. The shortlisted entries are to present their innovation in front of the jury. The timeframe of the presentation will be 5 minutes.
9. Decisions taken by the Jury Panel in the evaluation process will be regarded as final.
10. An entry may be disqualified by the Bangladesh Innovation Award authority if any of the above guidelines are not followed.



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